Clockwork Music

9.15 Clockmakers 1 for 2-3 yr olds
9.50 Tick Tock for 1-2 yr olds
10.30 Clockmakers 1 for 2-3 yr olds
11.05 Clockmakers 2 for 3-4 yr olds
11.40 Rock around the clock for Babies


Contact Karen on 07757011539 or email her:

When Clockwork Music co-founders Karen Amos and Claire Naylor began to discuss their project the one thing they both immediately agreed upon was that they wanted to share their love of music with the children who would attend their classes.

‘We have deliberately put a lot of time and effort into coming up with a curriculum which progressively builds up core musical skills but which is above all happy and fun. Children will naturally develop their musical skills through traditional and original songs, rhymes, percussion, movement and dance, and they learn best when they are enjoying themselves’ says Karen. So why don’t you come along and meet Tock the clock, Brown Bear, Mouse and friends who would love to invite you into their musical world. Children participate in choosing songs by moving Tock’s hands around the clock face – which song will we sing this week? From gentle lullabies in the babies’ class to stomping rhythms for our Tick Tockers and more finely developed skills for our Clockmakers, there is much to discover. We look forward to meeting you !

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