J V Self Defence Course - January/February 2018

J V Self Defence

Self protection can be learnt in a very short period of time, it’s easy to learn and full support will be given over the six weeks. Come along to the first lesson it’s absolutely free, give it a go! This is a worthwhile skill to learn.

New course starts: Jan 2018 First lesson free, course continues on Tuesday 16th, Tuesday 23rd, Tuesday 30th January, Tuesday 6th, Tuesday 13th, Tuesday 20th February.

All dates are the same time of 19:00 to 20:00, £7 adults £5 kids

We cover the following defence against:

•Hair pulls •Punches
•Bear Hugs •Choke holds
•Head locks • Knife attacks
•Shirt grabs • Wrist grabs
•Terror alerts • Kicks
•Take downs • Arm grabs

UK Border Agency, PRIVATE SECTOR 10 years operational, experience with the use of force / self defence.

We do not teach people how to fight. We teach them how to defend/survive, also protecting others and property within the law.

Contact James on 07546475147

Email: jv_self_defence@yahoo.co.uk

Website: WWW.jvselfdefence.com