Pole Attack

Monday Evenings

Level: Pole Attack caters for all levels as the 8 week courses are seperated into specific levels such as beginners, improvers, intermediate, advanced, highly advanced and super advanced.

About class: Pole Attack is a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun. It is seriously addictive so no chance of getting bored or un-inspired by the gym.

Pole Attack is a unique way of exercising both your anaerobic and aerobic systems, by the creation of the combination of spins, holds, tricks, transistional moves, aerobics, floor work, pilates, flexibility and toning to improve all over strength, fitness, confidence and grace without the unfair stigma attached to pole dancing.

Age: 16+ and no upper age limited

Class run for an hour and start 6pm onwards depending on course level

For more details please contact Helen Walker on 07799424381 or
email: pole.attack@btinternet.com